Look Up


We have the capability for greatness…

It’s a choice .

To aim high – or low .

Low is easy.

That’s why so many have no idea that stars exist.

Look up.

Life is short.

Best to get that view of the stars – before it all ends .

Look up !

Point of confusion

We live in a world were many mothers are confused after they give birth . They don’t know understand why their newborn needs them SO MUCH and wants to be with them all the time …

They fall prey to corporations who assure them that it’s fine to put the child in a box, cradle or some other contrivance that they sell for 2-3 hours at a time and to kind of stare at it while the child pines for the comfort of its true north – it’s mothers body and touch.

Such mothers listen politely as I explain their spiritual, emotional and physical and importance to thier offspring, kind of how you’d listen to one telling an interesting mythical tale, they look at me with curiously and a bit of amusement.

But the brave ones , move past this, accept the power of their motherhood and pick up their baby – who often responds immediately with joy.

“Do you want mommy ?” Asks the mommy.

As she puts her child to her breast. And watches him nurse , watches his little body relax, his little had clutch her finger… yes. Yes he does .

My prayer today is that all mommas accept that they are the breath of life for their babies. All parents tend the garden which will be evolve into their child’s reality and life. There is nothing more important .

You are that important . You can do it.

May you be and feel blessed.

Privilege in the world of Lactation

So, even among breatfeeding mothers , there is a profound bashing of black breastfeeding week.

I’ve stopped reading the posts screaming that why don’t we have a White Breastfeeding Week?

My head hurts and I’ve not yet had breakfast – so I’m going to leave that teaching to someone else right now .

But I’ll say this – it profoundly decreases my faith in my species, when nursing mothers are not able to hold open space for those in their communities who are being left out and abused.

Patriarchy and White Supremacy have really done their work and comments like this are the result . Privilege means that you don’t have to see the pain of others, it’s all about you and the universe created for you due to the oppression of others !!! So much you that you feel attacked when the oppressed dare to take what was their right to begin with .

All mothers , breastfeeding parents , all parents striving to give human milk to their human infants, deserve information, respect and support.



A Cure

All OBs , as part of their training ought to do a rotation in an environment where spontaneous vaginal deliveries are common place ( that means no where in the US).

Let them see twins and breeches rolling peacefully out of their mothers bodies .

Let them see 40 year old first time mothers giving birth without trauma and 16 year olds birth in power and peace.

Their role would be to only observe midwives and their craft. They would only be called to act the few times that surgery is needed.

I believe they would receive a healing and acquire the ability to not percieve childbirth as a firefighter perceives a 4 alarm disaster .

US nurse midwives should also be given the same opportunity to witness and support spontaneous vaginal birth.

Many US lives , both maternal and infant would be saved.





Samsarah Morgan

Executive Director, Oakland Better Birth Foundation

From “Letter to our daughters “

Choose caregivers who show you that they care about you- personally , authentically . This might be an OB, or a Nurse Midwife, or a Home birth midwife. Pick a provider who looks you in the eye, takes time to answer all of your questions, and who authentically seems as excited for you as you are for yourself . If you are leaving prenatals feeling rushed, overlooked, disrespected or frightened – please seek another caregiver !

– Samsarah Morgan

Doula, Midwife Apprentice, Executive Director of Oakland Better Birth Foundation and Author.

The Challenge

The challenge that ACOG just wont face is that healthy birthing women have no need of obstetrics. They have no need of a trained surgeon, no matter how expert.

The majority of healthy pregnant people and their families need midwifery to grow healthy human offspring and to be empowered as they become aware and protective parents .

Samsarah Therese Morgan

Executive Director

Oakland Better Birth Foundation