Reach Higher by Samsarah Morgan

A good birth is more than just giving thanks that no one died .

Healthy mom – healthy baby ?

Not enough.

We won’t save lives by lowering expectations!

It’s not unreasonable to expect birth to be powerful , enriching , and transcendent ! And it’s not unreasonable to expect vibrant health for a mother and her child postpartum and a long life afterwards !

Let’s reach for this !

Our first birth in 2019

Yesterday in the early morning hours, the city of San Francisco welcomed a new citizen !

Say hello to baby Miles! He is his parents’ prize after a very challenging labor . May this beautiful family grow in love and light together . May this son ever be the delight of his parents’ life. May he grow to be strong, loving, and brilliant; fed by the love so deeply felt by these parents for their first born child !

And may we, his community strive to be worthy of this sparking new life!

Baby 1016





Doula means servant .

How does one serve with dignity?

Under patriarchy , these concepts seem to oppose each other.

Free from that affliction – it’s possible to see how compassionate humans serve each other every day. Taking turns;giving and receiving.

It’s no step down to serve – for tomorrow it may be you in need , and grateful that someone knelt a bit – or put up with much – for you .


Samsarah Morgan , doula



Doula Momma Samsarah Announces with pride the birth of the 1000th baby in her private practice ! This is baby Emmi and her wonderful parents. I’d like to thank them and all of the amazing parents I have served over the past 38 years. Thank you for allowing me to live what I know is my life’s purpose, thank you for helping me to grow into a wise clear adult ! Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to be one of the first people to truly love your little angel!