Contract for Birth Doula Services

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Birth Professionals of the Bay Area

Bay area Birth Keepers



This agreement is between L. Samsarah Morgan and ____________________________________ and ______________________________

for the purposes of providing birth doula services.


Samsarah agrees to provide physical and emotional support as well as nutritional information to you before and during the birth of your baby, expected on or around the ___ day of ________ 200__.



Samsarah will provide a complete course of childbirth preparation or a childbirth prep. Refresher.  If desired, a hypnosis for birth session can be included as part of your preparation for birth process.  Hypnosis is optional and there is no additional cost for this.


Samsarah will assist and give information which will allow you to prepare a Birth Plan.  This birth plan will be presented to the hospital staff and your doctors to inform them of your family’s intention to either have a natural child birth or a birth which excludes certain interventions. (Provided that no emergency condition exists in the pregnancy or labor process.)


Before and during the Labor, Samsarah will explain all interventions and hospital procedures to you fully.


Samsarah expects that your family will carefully consider all of her suggestions, however, your family has final say in your health care choices.  You agree to take responsibility for yourselves.


You agree to contact me as soon as you feel that labor has begun.  I will them meet you at our greed upon location, either home or hospital.  Your hospital’s name and address is:




Have you taken a tour of this hospital?   Yes ______  No ______


If no, I suggest that your family make such a visit before your 38 th week.





Our doctor/midwife’s name is: ________________________________

Our doctor/midwife’s practice name is ________________________________________________________________________

Address and phone number of doctor’s office:



Included in this contract is:  unlimited prenatal visits, one home visit after the birth of your child (approx. 24 hours after the birth), one visit at 2 weeks postpartum, and one approx. 30 days after your child or children’s birth, this to be sure that all is well and to support those first days of breastfeeding and adjustment to family life.


Postpartum care beyond this can be arranged for an additional fee and a separate contract.


If your intention is to give birth to your baby at home or in a birth center, Samsarah will provide all the above services as well as accompany you to the hospital in the unlikely event of a transport.


In the event of unscheduled c-section, Samsarah can accompany the mom into the operation, should you partner be unavailable.  Another option is to have Samsarah accompany the baby to the nursery so that the mom wont be left alone when her baby is take to the nursery for the necessary newborn assessments after the operation.  Please check with your doctor to be sure that the hospital you plan to deliver in allows this.


Samsarah does not diagnose medical conditions in the mother or the baby, but will refer you to a health care provider when appropriate.   She does not take over the care of your baby, but will assist you and your partner in preparing for this most wonderful even, your child’s birth!


By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have received Samsarah’s cell phone number as well as such numbers for her back up and/or assistants, or apprentice!


In the event of illness on my part or unlikely scheduling conflicts, a replacement doula from the practice Birth Professionals of the Bay Area will be sent to be sure that your care will continue uninterrupted.  When possible, arrangements will be made so that you can meet this person in advance.


In the event a scheduled C-section becomes necessary – Samsarah will provide a complete preparation for the C-section experience.  Samsarah will accompany your family on the day of the operation, to remain with mom in recovery while dad goes to the nursery after the operation to supervise the newborn procedures and over see the baby’s care. Depending upon mom’s rate of recovery, Samsarah many be able to assist with getting breastfeeding as soon as it is medically possible and comfortable for mom.


If, after your 38th week of pregnancy or the birth of the baby, which ever comes first, you decided that you do not want wish to use Samsarah’s  services, no refunds will be given.  The fee reflects her commitment to you as well as being payment for services rendered.


The fee for birth services is 1000.00 – 2500.00, sliding scale.  If your intention is to give birth at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) the sliding scale is 1900.00 – 2500.00.  Special pricing can be negotiated if your family requires it.   Samsarah is committed to providing birth services to any family who desires it regardless of their ability to pay, so please discuss your needs with me!



The amount your family will pay is ________ .  Samsarah expects a non-refundable deposit of ½ of this amount when you sign this contract.  Final payment is required by your 38th week of pregnancy.  This final payment is also non-refundable.


Payment arrangements are allowed as long as the total payment is rendered by the 38th week of pregnancy. If you are expecting twins or multiples, total payment must be rendered by your 30th week.


You are free to make payment using your mastercard/visa card via PayPal. Your email address is ___________________________________ .


Should you decide to pay your fee in full at the time of contract signing, you are entitled to a fee reduction of 5% of the total fee.


Samsarah thanks you for your careful consideration of this contact!



_________________________________      Client – Mom


_________________________________      Client – Dad/Partner


__________________________________    Doula – L. Samsarah Morgan




Date:   ____________________________



Kortney Kardashian births her baby boy!

I wish to personally thank Ms. Kardashian and her family for allowing her birth to be filmed. It is vital that young woman see that birth can be fearless and positive!

I , of course, have a critique of hospital policy – especially the statement about having to cut the cord quickly – but I will save that for another time! Enjoy!

Doula Care, A traditon comes full circle!

More and more doulas are being accepted and recognized as being and vital part of a pregnant families’ birthing team. In the United States, Doulas (women who provide hands on support to laboring and postpartum women) practice mostly in th hospital setting. And have added to their wealth of skills the role of client educator and advocate. Educating client families about hospital procedures, both pros and cons to be sure that the client can  make sound evidence based decisions regarding their prenatal care and L & D experience.

There is a wealth of evidence showing the tremendous benefit to laboring moms and their babies that having the a doula present at their birth provides. However many do not know that historically, the role of doula is as old as that of the midwife and the doulas original place at birth was not in the hospital setting, but at home births!

The root of the Greek word doula comes from the word for the woman who cared for the Lady of the House when she was in labor. This woman was either a servant, or she was a slave. But to be the doula meant that this servant was the most trusted and knowledgeable (probably an elder) of the household staff. She was trusted to set the intention of comfort and safety to allow the birth to take place. She would set this intention by her calming presence, Spiritual practice and keeping of tribal or societal traditions, nurturing foods, which she would prepare as well as cleaning and stocking the birth room, during and after the labor. She would supervise or directly provide the care of the newborn during the initial postpartum period. The doulas worked closely with the midwife, seeing to her needs as well. Making sure that the midwife’s needs were met; Food, a place to rest, etc., so that she could effectively assist the birth process.

Midwife Selena Green was a doula for many years and understands the assistance and support doulas provide. As a result, doulas are interwoven into the care at the Sacred Birth Place, doulas are required to be at all births, Doulas provide most of the pre-natal education and support groups for the Center as well as work with families to create a birth plans. This document is reviewed with Selena to alert her to her clients’ wishes, and goes with the family to the hospital in the event of need to transport care for the labor there. In such an event, the doulas as well as midwives go with the client family to the hospital – this so that they don’t lose the womb of security and trust that has gotten them through the labor thus far.

I have been a doula for over 20 years and it has been my pleasure to watch the growth of my profession. The majority of Sacred Birth Place Doulas have been personally trained by me and it is my pleasure and pride to recommend them to you. Unlike hospitals – based doula practice, were you contract with one doula privately. At Sacred Birth Place, you are treated to a team of douals  who specifically know the ins and out of working at the Scared Birth Place as well as home birth settings. There are many wonderful doulas in the Bay Area, but very few have had the opportunity to work in in any setting other than the hospital. Sacred Birth Place doulas have come full circle they are fully comfortable and professional in all birth settings home, birth center or hospital. They are compassionate listeners and tender nurturers as well as skilled holistic health professionals whose focus is an important one, and a lost art; The art of hospitality, the creation of a loving space where healing and nature can flourish and take its course. This is the souls of mothering, and is it my hope that setting this example for families during their labor will set the course for a productive, fulfilling and satisfying family life. We look forward to serving you.


Many Blessings. Doula and Apprentice Midwife Samsarah Morgan


NOTE:  This article was written when I was running the doula program for the Sacred Birth Place.  Things have changed slightly, however, doula care is still a vital part of the Sacred Birth place experience!  Should you have your baby at  the center, I hope to be able to serve you as I complete my apprenticeship there.

And I am still quite available for Doula clients in my private doula practice. Blessings!