Telling Tales about Homebirth – by L. Samsarah Morgan

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Telling tales about home birth.  A new study revives old fears.

By L. Samsarah Morgan


One September 16, a press release was issued to draw attention to a not yet released researched study from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  This study claims that babies born at home are roughly 10 times more likely to be still born and 4 times more likely to have neonatal seizures or serious neurologic dysfunction when compared to babies born in hospitals.


This is a very alarming claim – and of course it’s vital that people, when they hear such data review and consider it very carefully – not with knee jerk fear, but with reason and common sense.


Firstly we have to take a look at the history of birth in this country.  When we do this we see a very bleak…

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Que’lil’s Birth Narrative , Born 1/23/13 in Highland Hospital! by Doula Intern, Christina Urista

The Professional Doula

> Que’lil, I began working with your mother several months before your birth. It was my first time as a lead doula and your mom was having her first baby as a single teenager in foster care. There were definitely challenges involved.
> When I walked into your mother’s apartment for the first time so that the nutritionist in our practice could introduce me to her, your mom looked like she was in detention, silently sitting back on the couch. She was closed off but had sweet and pretty brown eyes set against her dark brown skin. From the beginning I noticed that your mom always referred to you by your name, as a separate little human being in her womb. “Lil doesn’t like it when I…The other day I was talking to Lil and…” She loves you very much.
> I can’t talk about what your mom went through…

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