Births’ Work…

The Professional Doula

Birth is an amazing and powerful process.
It works. it works well.
It never fails to bring me joy to watch a healthy, well fed,  prepared and supported woman, as she faces her fear and steps into the swirling waters of birthing her child. She find her feat, she may feel that she will be carried away – but she doesn’t – she triumphs and emerges with her baby.
She may need songs, prayers, and guidance, but in the end, she  emerges stronger than she was before her labor. She is now via the virtue of this  natural drug free journey equip t  to meet the specific needs of her specific little human.
The end of labor and delivery is the deepening of the journey of a new human consciousness. And in the birth room the momma is given the first of many road maps to guide her role in…

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