A match made in Heaven! Regynesis Health Care & Bay Area Birth Keeper Doulas!

The Professional Doula


72808_407287045982591_155236521187646_1289990_1193215550_nLast November after much planning, our doula practice has joined forces with Dr. Frank Brown and Ms Sandra Hooper Mayfield of ReGynesis Health Service here in our beautiful city of Oakland, CA.

I was blessed to run into Dr. Brown when we were running our booth at the Temescal Street fair.  Dr. Brown was pleased at our dedication tot the community and us to support this patients through their birth process.

Beginning November of 2013. Shiprah’s Circe was formed to provide comprehensive doula, care, nutrition education, childbirth education and parenting support to mothers and families of East Oakland.

I have to say that I  was turn impressed with Dr. Browns commitment to empowered birth for his clients, many of whom are under served women of color;  Moms and families of fragile communities such a those in substance recovery or reentry from the “justice” system.  His office environment is warm…

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