Question Induction

Mommas – please question induction.
Those last few weeks of pregnancy are not only building the body and healthy weight of your infant; they finalize and prepare your child’s lungs. You want a baby that can take that first beautiful breath and KEEP breathing free and clear for 100 years.
Think of that, and question to the point of getting a separate opinion, an induction. Little humans need to get to 40 weeks gestation – some need about 10 days more (especially 1st babies).
Talk to a doctor who supports natural and spontaneous labor!
Talk to a supportive nurse or home birth midwife.
The last few weeks of pregnancy are often not a walk in the park, I know. But a potential lifetime of asthma for your child is a greater burden…

Hang in there! You are your baby’s first and best advocate!
If I can help – let me know.
L. Samsarah Morgan, Doula, Trainer, Birth Worker

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