Mommas of Color, please share your birth story!

Hello Mommas, My second book is a guide to birth for African American Mommas. I would very much like to include The Birth Stories of Mommas of Color – I’d like the stories to refelct the full spectrum of birth – so medicated, not medicated, C Section – Home Birth Hospital Birth – Birth Center Birth-
Miscarriage and stories of infant death are also respectfully requested.
Please share them with me to support and educate other mommas – please inbox me or email . I will gratefully give you a copy of the physical book as a gift as a thank you, and if you wish I would be honored to feature a picture of your child or you and your child along with your story! I look forward to hearing from you! Blessings, Samsarah Morgan, Doula, BirthWorker & Hypnotherapist in Oakland
your story