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Our first birth in 2019

Yesterday in the early morning hours, the city of San Francisco welcomed a new citizen !

Say hello to baby Miles! He is his parents’ prize after a very challenging labor . May this beautiful family grow in love and light together . May this son ever be the delight of his parents’ life. May he grow to be strong, loving, and brilliant; fed by the love so deeply felt by these parents for their first born child !

And may we, his community strive to be worthy of this sparking new life!

Baby 1016





Doula means servant .

How does one serve with dignity?

Under patriarchy , these concepts seem to oppose each other.

Free from that affliction – it’s possible to see how compassionate humans serve each other every day. Taking turns;giving and receiving.

It’s no step down to serve – for tomorrow it may be you in need , and grateful that someone knelt a bit – or put up with much – for you .


Samsarah Morgan , doula



Doula Momma Samsarah Announces with pride the birth of the 1000th baby in her private practice ! This is baby Emmi and her wonderful parents. I’d like to thank them and all of the amazing parents I have served over the past 38 years. Thank you for allowing me to live what I know is my life’s purpose, thank you for helping me to grow into a wise clear adult ! Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to be one of the first people to truly love your little angel!


Kickoff 2018 in Oakland, CA at the SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training-so much fun, so much knowledge, so much learning. Register today! Jan. 18th-21st.


Learn more and register here:

I’m honored to be the instructor for the Oakland trainings . I look forward to seeing you there and sharing this dynamic training with you !

Samsarah Morgan , Certified Trainer


It’s the particular insanity of women who desire natural childbirth – the insanity that pulls you to dive into the sun – and show no burn. The yearning to stare God in the eye and see all there is, the rage, joy , peace ,healing ,and wonder.

To do all this With a trust that at the end of this journey – all will be well – she will be more than she’s ever been before, and that her newborn will be the most beautiful vision her eyes have ever seen.

I am such a woman’s servant.